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  • 英文名字大全

    以下表格列出莎士比亚作品中很多独特的名字。 想知道更多关于莎士比亚的剧作, 请访问

    名字 NAME 作品 PLAY
    AbrahamRomeo & Juliet
    AdrianThe Tempest
    Adriana Comedy of Errors
    Adriano Love's Labour's Lost
    AegeonComedy of Errors
    Aemilia Comedy of Errors
    AlonsoThe Tempest
    AmiensAs You Like It
    Angelo(Several Plays)
    Angus Macbeth
    AntigonusWinter's Tale
    AntipholusComedy of Errors
    Antonio (Several Plays)
    Ariel The Tempest
    AudreyAs You Like It
    Balthazar(Several Plays)
    BaptistaTaming of the Shrew
    BardolphMerry Wives of Windsor
    BarnardineMeasure for Measure
    BassanioMerchant of Venice
    BeatriceMuch Ado About Nothing
    BenedickMuch Ado About Nothing
    BenvolioRomeo & Juliet
    Bertram All's Well that Ends Well
    BiancaOthello, Taming of the Shrew
    BiondelloTaming of the Shrew
    Boyet Love's Labour's Lost .
    Caliban The Tempest
    Camillo Winter's Tale
    CaphisTimon of Athens
    Celia As You Like It
    Ceres The Tempest
    ChristopherTaming of the Shrew
    Claudio (Several Plays)
    CleomenesWinter's Tale
    CordeliaKing Lear
    Corin As You Like It
    CorneliusHamlet, Cymbaline
    Costard Love's Labour's Lost
    Curan King Lear
    Curio Twelfth Night
    CurtisTaming of the Shrew
    DemetriusMidsummer-Night's Dream
    Diana All's Well that Ends Well
    Dion Winter's Tale
    DogberryMuch Ado About Nothing
    DorcasWinter's Tale
    DromioComedy of Errors
    Dull Love's Labour's Lost
    Edgar King Lear
    EdmundKing Lear
    Egeus Midsummer-Night's Dream
    EglamourTwo Gentlemen of Verona
    Elbow Measure for Measure
    EmiliaOthello, Winter's Tale
    Escalus Measure for Measure, Romeo & Juliet
    FabianTwelfth Night
    FentonMerry Wives of Windsor
    FerdinandLove's Labour's Lost, The Tempest
    Feste Twelfth Night
    Flavius Timon of Athens
    Fleance Macbeth
    FlorizelWinter's Tale
    FranciscaMeasure for Measure
    FranciscoHamlet, The Tempest
    FrederickAs You Like It
    Froth Measure for Measure
    Goneril King Lear
    Gonzalo The Tempest
    GratianoMerchant of Venice
    Gregory Romeo & Juliet
    GremioTaming of the Shrew
    Helen Cymbeline
    Helena(Several Plays) .
    HermiaMidsummer-Night's Dream
    HermioneWinter's Tale
    Hero (female) Much Ado About Nothing
    HippolytaMidsummer-Night's Dream
    HolofernesLove's Labour's Lost
    Horatio Hamlet
    HortensioTaming of the Shrew
    HortensiusTimon of Athens
    Iago Othello
    Iris The Tempest
    IsabellaMeasure for Measure
    JaquenettaLove's Labour's Lost
    JaquesAs You Like It
    Jessica Merchant of Venice
    Julia Two Gentlemen of Verona
    JulietRomeo & Juliet, Measure for Measure
    Juno The Tempest
    KatharinaTaming of the Shrew
    Katharine(Several Plays)
    Laertes Hamlet
    Lafeu All's Well that Ends Well
    LancelotMerchant of Venice
    LaunceTwo Gentlemen of Verona
    Lavache All's Well that Ends Well
    LeonardoMerchant of Venice
    Leonato Much Ado About Nothing
    Leontes Winter's Tale
    Lorenzo Merchant of Venice
    Luce Comedy of Errors
    LucentioTaming of the Shrew
    Lucetta Two Gentlemen of Verona
    Luciana Comedy of Errors
    LuciliusTimon of Athens
    Lucio Measure for Measure
    LysanderMidsummer-Night's Dream
    Malcolm Macbeth
    MalvolioTwelfth Night
    MamilliusWinter's Tale
    MargaretMuch Ado About Nothing
    Maria Love's Labour's Lost, Twelfth Night
    Mariana (Several Plays)
    Mercade Love's Labour's Lost
    MercutioRomeo & Juliet
    Miranda The Tempest
    Montano Othello
    Mopsa Winter's Tale
    Moth Love's Labour's Lost
    NathanielTaming of the Shrew
    Nell Comedy of Errors
    Nerissa Merchant of Venice
    Nym Merry Wives of Windsor
    OberonMidsummer-Night's Dream
    OliverAs You Like It
    OliviaTwelfth Night
    Ophelia Hamlet
    Orlando As You Like It .
    OrsinoTwelfth Night
    Osric Hamlet
    OswaldKing Lear
    Othello Othello
    PanthinoTwo Gentlemen of Verona
    Paris Romeo & Juliet
    ParollesAll's Well that Ends Well
    Paulina Winter's Tale
    Perdita Winter's Tale
    Peter (Various Plays)
    PetruchioTaming of the Shrew
    Phebe As You Like It
    PhilipTaming of the Shrew
    PhilostrateMidsummer-Night's Dream
    Phrynia Timon of Athens
    Pisanio Cymbeline
    PistolMerry Wives of Windsor
    PolixenesWinter's Tale
    PompeyMeasure for Measure
    PortiaMerchant of Venice
    ProsperoThe Tempest
    Proteus Two Gentlemen of Verona
    Regan King Lear
    Rinaldo All's Well that Ends Well
    Robin Merry Wives of Windsor
    Romeo Romeo & Juliet
    RosalindAs You Like It
    RosalineLove's Labour's Lost
    Ross Macbeth
    Salerio Merchant of Venice
    Sampson Romeo & Juliet
    SebastianThe Tempest, Twelfth Night
    Seton Macbeth
    SilviaTwo Gentlemen of Verona
    Silvius As You Like It
    SimpleMerry Wives of Windsor
    Snug Midsummer-Night's Dream
    Solanio Merchant of Venice
    Solinus Comedy of Errors
    Speed Two Gentlemen of Verona
    StephanoMerchant of Venice
    StephanoThe Tempest
    Theseus Midsummer-Night's Dream
    ThurioTwo Gentlemen of Verona
    TimandraTimon of Athens
    Timon Timon of Athens
    Titania Midsummer-Night's Dream
    Toby Twelfth Night
    TranioTaming of the Shrew
    TrinculoThe Tempest
    Tubal Merchant of Venice
    TybaltRomeo & Juliet
    UrsulaMuch Ado About Nothing
    ValentineTwelfth Night
    ValentineTwo Gentlemen of Verona .
    Varrius Measure for Measure
    VencentioTaming of the Shrew
    VergesMuch Ado About Nothing
    VincentioMeasure for Measure
    Viola Twelfth Night


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